Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fabric Collection~*

Due to the fact that I'm always updating my fabric collections,
there won't be any image available.
^ . ^
Fabrics mainly from:
Japan, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore


zhi ling~ said...

wow wow wow!!
nice fabrics collection!~

oh, i discovered alot from Petaling street!!~
m in love with the BUTTON SHOP @ sultan street~
hehee, paiseh, just a mere sharing~

take care and happy CNY!!

junjun said...

happy CNY too~!

killua said...

i'm wondering, is it possible if you post up the range of lace choices we could choose from? ribbons as well, maybe? ^^"

Jun Yue said...

It's not possible coz ribbons/laces very fast finish. It's constantly updating, plus usually I'll mix and match for my customers on the ribbons & laces