Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby FiFi

Name: Baby FiFi Adopted ^ . ^
D.O.B: 9th February 2009
Hobbies: Exercise my Legs and go for a SWIM~!!!
Material: Cotton, Nylon Wool, Flower, Wooden Button, Cotton Button, Metal Magnet
Size: W 14", H 14" (body) + 4"- 9" (legs)
Price: RM 120


zhi ling~ said...

omg omg omg..!!
it's sooooo cuteeeeee!

junjun said...

hehehe thanks~!

fione said...

thanks junjun for the pillow...what a surprise from him...Thank you so much and I love it!!


junjun said...

No prob fione~!
Glad you like it and yes your dear is really sweet ^ . ^