Monday, February 2, 2009

My Fair Lady~*

This is 2009 Mini Bag Design~ Fair Lady Collection~*

Place your customized order and get your very own Fair Lady today! Each bag is uniquely design.
Good for "Yam Cha~ just Handphone, Tissue, Lipstick, IC, Cash"

This is my Birthday Bag~* Not for sale.


Anonymous said...

where is this fair lady? do they have a blog or anything? :)

junjun said...

hihi the fair lady bag collection is new. It's in this blog. I only do customized orders. Means when the customers wants it i'll do it.

*vinyee* said...

How much does this bag cost,roughly?

junjun said...

Hi hi. Customized orders for this bag would cost RM 65.
The cloth that I'll use are all imported and the zip is super special, imported from Japan.
If you are interested just drop me a mail.

^ . ^ thanks for supporting BeaniPet~!

junjun said...

oh yah btw, the bag is 90% hand-sewed. It's not possible to use machine to sew this bag ^ . ^

Agnes Sim said...

nice design!!

junjun said...

Thanks~ ^ . ^