Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beanies Picnic at the Park~*

What a wonderful day to go out on a picnic!
My dearest Bear Bear
Climbing trees & playing with other monkeys at the park~
It's good to go out and play... Wonder where's my apple tree...Rainbow Sheepy
Sun bathing is the best on a sunny day like this!
I hope the rest hears my Moo and my ringing bell~*
Mu~ Mu~
I still prefer the shades and a glass of ice cold lemonade~*
Baby Fifi
I wonder how pretty do I look today ^ . ^
Tiger Lily
I want my quiet time to meditate
I wonder when will I be like those butterfly in the sky?
Sleeping Caterpillar
Breakfast at Tiffany, Oh how wonderful!
Two best friends
Easter Bun
Lady Bun
"Check out the hot guy jogging over there!", says Mi *Wink*
*giggles* "He's waving at you girl!", says Mo
Mi & Mo
"Petal, even if we are old, I'll bring you here every Sunday" said Leaf.
Leaf & Petal
Nothing like a great day and my favorite book at the park...
"I hoped you've enjoyed the picnic with my Beanies"
Design by Jun Yue
Photography by Kit Loh
All Beanies above are sold
PS: The colour is fine now ^ . ^
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weng jen said...

The photos are great!!

Makes all the plushies alive!

I love the eggie one.

junjun said...

^ . ^ yahh i know!!! So cool right~!
Thanks for the support~!

Woon Bing said...

Amazing pics! :D
and lovely plushies too!

junjun said...

Thanks Woon Bing!
Really glad to have a professional photographer brother in law haha

Nsxon Boo said...

Just happened to drop by, these photographs are simply bravura. I wonder where scene.

Nsxon x

junjun said...

Thanks! The scene is at TDDI Park~
it's really a big park should go have a look ^ . ^

Abrapi!my said...


its so kawaiiii....
love it! hehehe... ;D

have Deviantart ID?
maybe u can get more imagination n ideas with

its really helping.. ;D
ganbante neh!
adios! ;D

junjun said...

yah i know but i don't post my artworks there... i usually only post it in my blogs... so maybe i'll think bout this idea~
thanks for the support!