Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Spring Sunday~*

> . <
This is my so called "sewing workplace"
Been sewing at my mum's dry kitchen since october 08 till last sunday!
Samo it's an island table... Won't say super comfortable.
Bottom line~ it's not very spacious and bit messy ^ . ^''
Then last Sunday~ My bf & i spring cleaned my study room!
For those who came to my place before would know that i actually call that room "store room"
coz i've not packed my mess since i've graduated from my art college TOA!!!
So after half day of packing and throwing out 80% of the things
This is now my new work place~~~
Now i know how it feels like to get a promotion and then get a bigger and nicer place!!! hahaha
And to keep things clean i've gotten myself boxes from ikea~
Then i got so much space for me to do my cloth measuring and cuttings~
And the final touch is i've gotten myself a new machine too ^ . ^~*
Very happy week and really WOW~ the machine is fantastic!
Love my new work place~*
Love my new machine~*
Love my dear for all the supports~*
ps: old machine is with a new craftier... still under warrenty!
hopefully she'll join the handmade world soon!


Joan said...

wao..... wat machine u bought?

junjun said...

i got myself a singer machine ^ . ^
then i bought it at a singer shop la coz i worry if those not singer's shop they'll sell singer machine but change the spare parts inside... so hehe it's worth it... really!