Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Weekend

This is one of my busiest weekend in 2009.
1stly - I want to thank all my customers who borrowed me pillows for my interviews.
Here are a token of appreciation from me~*
Hair Pins and Scrunchy~ Very Girly~*
2ndly -
I want to thank Jehan and Miss photographer from News Straits Times for the interview!
*Hope to see me buried with my own pillows ^ . ^*


I want to thank Li Shian and Mr. Handsome Photographer from Kosmo! for the cool interview.
*It's so cool that you find my painting cool too^ . ^ I'll keep it up! AND
Thanks for letting me know 45 degree angles are great face shots!! haha*

3rdly - I want to thank Ruey and Family for all your support! Will not know what to do without you guys~!

THANK U for waking up so early and shoot my Beanies!!!
Can't wait for the photos~~~

Last but never the least -
I want to thank GOD for blessing me with so much goodness...
I can never ask for more.


And a sneak peek on what's coming up tomorrow... It's already complete since Friday
but really too tired to go take pic now... need to sleep...
So look out for Jun in the Straits and Kosmo!
^ . ^

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