Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trip to Malacca

Now this is a very unusual trip...
Coz I really didn't plan on going till I've got news that there are cloth selling there...
(psst: "Cloth are sold everywhere, Jun")
^ . ^
This is my DIY Cloth Catalog!
haha I know I'm pretty silly at times... so bear with me~
Why I said that this trip is unusual?
^ . ^
Coz mainly it was more like a "Makan Trip" and a "Take cool, nice, crazy, lame PIC Trip"
Had loads of fun with my crazy friends~~~
So now I do think that I still need more cloth...
So maybe I'll go on cloth expedition more often
of course, my crazy BFF will always tagging along
(sounds very fun!)
Back to sewing for now~
(Don't ask me why I'm not tired... Driven by a flame call passion!)


d_luaz said...

very cute beanie, and very creative ways to photograph them too: colorful and attractive.

do you sell them? do you have an online shop, or this blog is your online shop?

junjun said...

Thank U very much!
Yes I do sell my Beanies and this is my online blog shop!

For now i'm just doing customized orders~

Nisa said...

Wow, really like ur cushion especially the mouse,the sheep and mi&mo,huhu..Keep up the good work,and not forgotten,love ur pictures,thehehe..

junjun said...

Thank You girl!!!