Friday, May 1, 2009

escuse me for being silly ^ . ^

Yesterday when i bought the newspaper, The 1st think that came across my mind was,
"Wa... the picture is so big!"
Then after my morning breakfast as usual will check my mail, blog and FB
( O . O )
That was my reaction when I saw the hit count reach 200 and above...
My highest was only till 150...
So after that the whole day I just kept watching my blog's hit count...
Refresh and refreshing the page ^ . ^''
Then lucky me to have came across this number 888
(wa... wan so Fatt meh...)
Then at Midnight... before sleeping that's the number... 968... again Fatt
Then this morning~ It just happens... Dun ask why ok!
0008 Fatt
New Highest Record Hit Count:
Fatt ar~*

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