Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Snakie~*

Name: Garden Snakie~* Adopted ^ . ^
D.O.B: 26th July 2009
Hobbies: Care for the garden and make sure all animals and plants are safe and sound~*
Type: Huggable bolster with pocket and accessory (90% hand sewn)
Material: Cotton Cloth, Nylon Wool, Medium Sponge, Lace Ribbon
Cloth: 8 & Dark Colour Based Cloth
Size: W48", H 12" - 2" (body) + 8" (Ssss~~~)
Price: RM 180

1 comment:

RO said...

Love your blog. Love your beanipet. Rest assured your garden snakie will be well taken care of.

Keep up the good job!

Proud adopter.