Monday, August 3, 2009

About BeaniPet

Hey there~ Welcome to BeaniPet!

About BeaniPet
BeaniPet is introducing a lifestyle that is surrounded with peace, harmony, joy and tranquillity. You and your love ones may enrich your life in an environment that is filled with little miracles; And these miracles are my Beanies.

Beanies are huggable animal pillow/bolster that have names, hobbies and characteristics that are individually unique. Each and every Beanie is carefully crafted and sewed to ensure the key ingredients: Love, Passion Joy and Hope is sealed with them. My Beanies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you meet them. And most importantly they are as special as you are –
“One in the World.”

Every BeaniPet design is 100% handmade and sealed with love, passion, joy and hope. BeaniPet’s Signature is that every pillow/bolster comes with a pocket - an idea that is cute and useful. BeaniPet’s motto is every single design is always “One in the World” making sure that it is unique and truly yours.

Love, pets, plants, animals, spring, life and hope inspired the name BeaniPet.

BeaniPet was founded by Jun Yue on 24th October 2008.

About Jun Yue
Hello! I am Jun Yue, an illustrator, self-taught sewing artist and a PandaBear from tropical peninsular Malaysia. I spend most of my time doodling and sewing my ideas to life.
I love jazz, vintage, cooking, desserts, art and design.

BeaniPet is my creativity muse and my fabric collections are palette, pigments and hues. When I’m in my studio, I love to be surrounded by colours, designs, textures, rhythms and tranquillity.

Though I am a self-taught sewing artist, I have come to love and enjoy sewing very much. I believe that my handmade also reflects as an art, lifestyle and an inspiration to others and me as well.
More about Jun:
I graduated in 2005 with a Diploma in Illustration. My love for colours drove me to pick up art and design. Upon graduation, I was hired by The One Academy as a junior lecturer. During my years of teaching I gained an insight and exposure towards art and design. In the midst of lecturing, I discovered PandaBear and BearBear stories… Thus, on October 24th 2008, BeaniPet was created.

A message to all Beanie Owners:

♥ I need: 
Love, Care and Hugs. (More Hugs = More Love)

♥ Please:
Sun bathe me twice a month. (Max 5 mins each sides)

♥ If I'm dirty:
Only hand-wash me. (Soak me in a bubble bathe when I'm dirty)

Your beloved Pet ♥


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