Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beani Story

Here's how I brainstorm on my BeaniPet's name ^ . ^
I dare say I'm good at coming up with weird names haha!
Even my last settled name wasn't the one I finally chosen~
^ . ^ I think the name BeaniPet came when I start typing the blog name...
BeaniPet just felt right and I think it's a very comfortable name.
Here's some doodles!
Early stages doodles~ still fooling around at that time ^ . ^
Note to all creative people~ Never ever, ever, EVER throw your sketches away!
I did lost some of my sketches before. I sort of threw it away when I was cleaning up some mess...
Of course I regretted it!
Cos sometimes you can never draw/doodle back the same feeling... The idea/visual is in your head but the feeling... it's gone...
SO Conclusion~ Don't ever throw away any sketches/doodles ^ . ^
Recognize that?
1stly this was doodled when I was waiting for Mr.Bear @ a badminton court
(sort of hurt my leg and can't play... have to wait 2 hours!!! what else interest me most... Doodling of course!)
2ndly This was doodle I did last year~ ^ . ^
(had to borrow pen and paper from the counter... & some even think I'm a retard drawing at a corner at a badminton court!)
3rdly I've manage to sew 5 Beanies (earliest Eggie Beani & Sunny B) out of the bunch of doodles and 2 of them is my latest Beanies with pants! XD
You see, sometimes doodling ideas may work and be realized...
And at times the doodling can just be doodles!
But do you know that after maybe a few months to a year or more~
That thrown away doodle can inspire you to recreate a new design, something never seen before and something that you can call "A Whole New Level!"
(jackpot machine making sounds ~ka ching ka ching ^ . ^)
That's why we should cherish all sort of doodles & never think that doodling are just for fun~
They can be great creations one fine day!
ps: I've gotten myself a recycle paper sketchbook! Now my sketches won't go missing XD Hype!
mental note to self and students:
Don't let anything be in your way when creating,
Be inspired by everything in life and
Share & Inspire others with an open heart.


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Nur Syuhada said...

I sukalah u pandai melukis :) I am so jealous.