Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beanies Beanies Beanies!!!

New Beanies in my Shop!
This is Raspberry Bunny.
I love the color combination!'She's one of my fav!
I really love the button!
It's from Taiwan and something different from my usual wood ones.
London oh London... Making me miss my Bff Jean...
She Bakes! XD
This is Blueberry Bunny
I like my color combination and the gray cloth lace!
Sheepy Bunny!
Counting 1 Sheepy 2 Sheepy 3 Sheepy
Last but not the least~ Dandelion Bearie~ An Autumn Bear!
Love her cloth!
It's all @ My Shop


Jean SZ said...

Awww miss you too Jun dear! Your beani babies are getting more and more beautiful! I'm loving all the colours, especially the unique clothes with writing and drawings on them. So cute.
Wish I was there shopping with you in Taiwan too! Mwah Jx

Jean SZ said...

sheepy bunny is sooo cute! :D

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ Jean dear!!! Thanks for dropping by girl! yup sheepy bunny is adorable and she's been adopted & really happy to know that my beanies are getting prettier! When you've got time we should go shop at Taiwan hehe~ miss you loads!