Friday, September 25, 2009

Dreaming of Chocolate and listening to Whispers of the Wind

Yellow Daisy is a quiet bunny. She’s always listening to the wind with her eyes closed. She feels that by closing her eyes, she gets to hear the whispers of the winds and a soft humming tune of fairies singing in the forest.
Love her eyes~ Inspired by Eliza
Chocolate Cake Bearie is all about dark chocolate and fairy tale. She’s made with tantalizing dark Belgium chocolate that fumes the room with its delicious aroma. It does make you wonder, are you dreaming of a land filled with chocolates! Her topping is lavender whip cream with caramel ice cream. Mmmm… Tasty.
Rose Embroidery nose~ Cute eh^ . ^
Dream Land fabric~ Love it!
ps: they have been adopted
^. ^

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