Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introducing My New Beanies

Something new and different from my usual Beanies~*
Her name is Autumn Rose
I really love using those new cloth from Taiwan.
There's also newly added cloth lace which makes my pillows much more lady like and vintage.
My favorite flower ribbon!
ps: Autumn Rose has been adopted ^ . ^
This is Black Rose
Very cool Ribbon and it's my 1st time making something Black & White
This is Perfume & Champagne Doggie
Very lady like pillow + bolster
Love the shape
Love the cotton lace too~*
They are available at my shop ^ . ^
Oh ya! Have a happy and great 090909 day~!


biadap never die said...

i love that black rose..
how can i get it??
plz, email me,

Jun Yue said...

you can purchase it in my shop at

thanks for dropping by!