Monday, September 14, 2009

Pleasures of Life

I found this at Pinkaland.It really calms me just by looking at it.
Printed by Kate Miss
I've learn :
That life is too short to always live up to what people want
& instate we should live our lives to what we want and how we want it to be.
That in life we should do what both you and I love because it's no point chasing anything if you have no heart and passion for it.
That no matter how small the action may be, just by being thankful, is one of the best motivation.
So take a break and enjoy life~
It's always good to know that someone appreciate your effort.
My career + hobby is one of the many things in life I'm thankful of.
Here's what I found @ Rabbit & The Duck:
Let the cooking, growing, cleaning, saving, making and living begin!
Interesting concept
Smile more . Sew more. Laugh more. Draw more. Bake more.
Cook more. Read more. Love more. Live more.

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