Monday, September 28, 2009

Purchasing on Etsy via Direct Banking (only for M'sians)

Here are the step by step for purchasing my Beanies at Etsy
without using PayPal.
(Payment will be via Direct Banking to my Maybank Acc.)
It's really simple, just scroll down and you'll agree with me that it's simple:)
Firsty you need to Register as an Etsy Member or sign in if you are already a member.
It's free and simple!


Step 1
: Adding item to your cart.
Click Add to Cart to add the item you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Proceed to Payment Method
Check Others if you wish to pay via Maybank transfer.
You can also click Keep Shopping if you wish to cart another item.
If you have any problem you can always click Contact Shop to speak to me.


Step 3: Proceed to Check Out
When you've finalized all your purchase you may click Proceed to Check Out.
You may also leave me notes to highlight your special request and I will contact you to reconfirm all your details.

Step 4: Fill in your Shipping Address Details. Then Check Out.

Step 5: Complete!
Now it's time to contact/email me to complete your payment via Direct Banking


It's simple right ^ . ^
Now you may click Your Account to view your purchases.

Easy shopping @ My Etsy Shop!
Now after payment is made and you've received your Product(s)
I would appreciate if you leave me some feedback(s) ^ . ^
It's very simple too~
Just click Feedback that is found on the left column.

^ . ^ I really appreciate if you would to take time and effort to leave me feedback!

I hope after reading through the steps you'll have a better shopping experience at my shop!
Happy Shopping :)


Agnes Sim said...

hi, may i know how u can use etsy to allow customer pay by maybank?

Jun Yue said...

Hi Agnes~~~
As you can see at the pictures above~ Customer just need to click Payment Method Other.
Then I'll email the customer my acc number & amount in RM > payment made > I will check the box Payment Received > Post > Done ^ . ^

By Kiya。吉雅 said...

Jun , izzit if i wanna adopt them must go thru etsy ?

can i just tranfer maybank to u with out go thru etsy ?

Jun Yue said...

Hi Kiya
To adopt them you must cart it on etsy.
Payment is 100% can be through Maybank as long as you check out that time > payment methor >click 'others'

Any further questions please just feel free to email me ya!