Monday, October 26, 2009

BeaniPet Birthday Contest Winner

Thank you to all participant who took part in the BeaniPet contest!
I really appreciate your effort and wishes ^ . ^
There were only 12 entry
And a lot of them had the potential to win...
So I ask a few friends who know BeaniPet well
to become the judges ^ . ^
Special Thanks to:
A Shopaholic's Den - Yien
For being one of our judges!!!
Of course I was one of the judges too...
The rest of the judges wish to be left anonymous:)
It was hard to decide!!!
Each judge had their own space and time to view the competition submission
But in the end One of the twelve pieces got the most vote~
Now it's time to announce the WINNER
who will be adopting Caramel Rose~!
Drum Roll please~
And the Winner is:
Comments from judges:
"I like the pillow concept which fits BeaniPet Pillow concept. It had a link."
"Wow, A lof of pillow but missing a BeaniPet pillow~ Hope you win one ^ . ^"
"I like the effort you put in."
You'll be adopting Caramel Rose!!!
I hope you like her ^ . ^
For those who participated you'll be receiving your BeaniPet EVoucher soon:)
Thank you again for your time, effort, love and wishes!
Message from Jun & Bear Bear
Thank you for all your wishes and blessings!!!
I'll work hard and try my best to make more Beanie Dreams come true!
Thank you~*
BeaniPet ~ Always Growing Ideas

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