Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Graceful Rose & Timeless Peace

This is Graceful Rose Mousie:
Graceful Rose is a bunny that is very lady-like and every move she makes is like an angel. Even every angel agrees that she’s a graceful and beautiful mouse. Her hobby is to grow roses in her garden. She grows all sorts of roses with different kind of colours and scent. Gracefully kissing every rose to make sure they are as rosy as she is.
Love the cloth~ so vintage!
The cloth & laces are a great combination
She's up for Adoption!


This is Timeless Peace:
Timeless Peace Bunny looks at her clock and wait. She’s waiting for snowflakes to fall, winter to come and where peace is cast upon all of us. She waits. Clock ticking, time passes. “It’s almost time,” she says. Lifting her head up as the northern star looking down upon her, she makes a wish. Wishing every soul on earth blessed with timeless peace in their heart.
Love her charm~*
Love this combination!
Adopt her here~*

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