Friday, October 9, 2009

Having your own soil

Recently I attended Pikaland virtual talk.
She said something really meaningful~
Creativity comes from your own soil. If you harvest your own creativity from your own soil it'll be yours and it shows through your work when you put a little of you in it.
But if you are copying/duplicating other peoples' work, it ain't yours and it ain't from your own soil. So sooner or later it'll run out of ideas and creativity.
Having your own soil is important to keep the creativity coming.
It so happen that BeaniPet concept is growing ideas and I think this point really relates to me plus I totally agree with Amy.
All the best and may all of us find our own soil.
PS: Congratulation Teachers ~ Jun


Stone said...

yo.. very nice plants.. where you get it huh.. LOL~~

Jun Yue said...

got this from Cameron with 1 leng bff n 1 idot bff XP

老颜 said...

what you share here is so true, having your own soil is the basic fundamental of growing creativity. Thanks ya!

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ glad it helped~ coz it helped me too!