Thursday, October 15, 2009

One in the world

I know that shop had these tapes since beginning of last month...
But I was too busy to poke around the shop.
So today I had all the time in the world thus I poke around the store for 1.5 hours!
^ . ^
& found this (plus some other really cool things too)
It has 3 different design but with the same typo ^ . ^
I prefer if it says:
Handmade - It is the only treasure in the world.
Anyhow, What do you think of this?
"Do you think it's nice to sew at the
Back/In Front/Inside the Pocket
of my Beanies
Of course I'll still have my BeaniPet logo chop sewed inside the pocket.
Open topic for any comments, suggestions, ideas, anything ^ . ^


Jun Yue said...

> . < I'm getting so many different kinda feedbacks... hmm... should i go with all of it? sometimes at the bottom front sometimes at the bottom back, sometimes just hide it inside the pocket...??!!?... hehe

KOKahKOK said...

usually ppl will sew outside rather than me... i prefer inside... :) cos i dun wan the tag to be shown ...irritated sometimes

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ ya that's y i sew my logo inside~ hmm~~~ my bf also say inside but some ppl say outside nicer... @. @ or should i just do all~ like sometimes inside sometimes outside XD

Anonymous said...

prefer if it's in the pocket. it's like looking for a hidden treasure. I mean, imagine having a treasure of the world inside your pocket? your beanies will be happy too <3 I mean, you wouldn't want a label saying I'm the only treasure on your forehead do you? I leaves such a nice feeling when you find something thoughtful in a hidden place =)

Kathlynn said...

tailor to customer's preference!~ :)

Jun Yue said...

Yah Bluecakes I totally agree~ that's why my BeaniPet chop logo is always inside the pocket ^ . ^
I'll think bout it!

Kathlynn thanks for your suggestion It's hard to do that unless it's customized order. For ready made orders I'll be the one deciding XD

Thanks you girls for taking time to give me comments!

Tammie said...

Inside of pocket and back will be my choice.. :)

Jun Yue said...

hehe thanks for all the comments~~~

My final decision is not to sew this on any of my pillows XD

But will use it for the up coming bazaar!!! Come visit me ^ . ^