Monday, November 16, 2009

Bunny & Bear Story

This is the story of how the Bunny and the Bear became friends.
Mummy Bunny: Mummy's old now... It's time for you to venture out into the world without mummy.
Baby Bunny: Alone? In the world? Mummy can I do it all by myself?
Mummy Bunny: Of course you can my dear~ You'll never be alone. You'll always have me in your heart.
So Baby Bunny venture out into the wilderness alone without any fear or worries for she knows her mummy will always be in her heart, guiding her.
Baby Bunny: WOW~ The forest is huge!
"I hope I can meet a friend to play with... I'm kinda lonely now without mummy." whispering in her heart.
Bear: Hey there!
Baby Bunny: Hello...
Bear: What's your name? My name is Bear.
Baby Bunny: I'm Baby Bunny ^ . ^
Bear: Let's be friends~
Baby Bunny: :)
Everyday is like a new day for Baby Bunny. Bear would take her to play at the waterfall and teach Baby Bunny how to catch fish! Then Baby Bunny too will bring Bear to go find for treasure hunting in the forest finding for carrot treasures!
They became close friends~*
One day Bear brought Baby Bunny to a cottage and told her:
"Bunny, I want you to be happy everyday and if you'll have me in your heart, I'll always be yours..."
Baby Bunny was in tears when she found out that Bear had already put Bunny in his heart since the day they met. She hop to him with joy and kiss him.
"I'll love you forever Bunny." whispered Bear.
Bear loved Bunny till they were old and white~
Bear's heart will always belongs to Bunny...
Even till they are old, they will both have each other in their heart...
I hope you've enjoyed the story~*

Here's where the story has been sewed on~
Lovely story for a lovely person
Someone who love purple...
Always have you in my heart... A Heart Pocket~*
Name: Bunny & Bear Story Snakie
D.O.B: 15th November 2009
Hobbies: Telling a good story for everyone to hear~*
Type: Huggable pillow & Bolster with pocket, Love pocket and accessories
Size: 48" x 17 - 4" (body) + 7" (tongue)
Color: Purple, White, Pink, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green with Cream White base
Status: Adopted ^ . ^


Agnes Sim said...

wow...the fabric so cute neh~~

Jun Yue said...

hehe yahyah~ cute cute wan ^ . ^