Thursday, November 12, 2009

Introducing Mini Muffs Beanies

Christmas is around the corner and winter is approaching~
Some Beanies choose to put on their Santa Hat...
And some choose to put on their Mini Muffs!
This is Mini Muff Gold Dust
This is Mini Muff Moon LightTheir handle can be taken off~*
My Beanies got HAIR!!! XD Grow hair coz cold XD
I made this for a few reason...
1st coz it's Christmas~ and as you can see PandaBear is wearing earmuffs and BearBear is wearing santa hat ^ . ^
2nd coz i wanted a pillow that is like a bag then people won't look at me/u when we carry our beanies out XD especially when we are going into the cinema! Plus the handle is removable!!
3rd It's very very very nice to hug~*
Cute earmuffs~ looks like curry puffs XD but don't mistaken Mini Muff as Muffins / Puffs~
I really love this concept~
will make one for myself next month coz this month already adopted Lullaby baby~*
For more pictures / to adopt them click here!
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BB said... cute,i like very much of those cloth u bought form really unique...

Jun Yue said...

Thanks dear~!