Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kitty Yawn

What are Kitties like:
They are cute~ and playful!
Elegant, sophisticated and like to have high tea!
Often day dreamers and really good at dreaming~*
They can read~ yes they can read~!!
Most of all they love flowers, birds, butterflies and themselves~*
But of course they also love to leave foot prints everywhere~*
The Bird and Kitty Story:
Birdie is trapped in a cage... Lonely and silent.
Always longing to be as free as the Butterflie~
Kitty sees Birdie so sad~ She started to be friends with Birdie and Butterflie...
Chatting, singing and playing everyday~
Then one day, Kitty brought balloons for birdie and thought him how to fly
"Just like the balloonies~ fly fly fly Birdie!!!" said Kitty
Free at last, Birdie looks up at the balloons and thought of Kitty...
Kitty too looked out the window... Wondering how Birdie was doing...
Then from a distance, Kitty saw Birdie flying back with flowers to say hie to an old friend~*
True Friendship is always hard to find...
But if you use your heart and be true to each other,
You may find a true friend some day...

Touching story~*
This is Kitty Yawn Baby Pillow~*
YAWN~~~ Sleepy
I should go sleep now~*
I agree :)
Me too~!
Name: Kitty Yawn
D.O.B: 18th November 2009
Specialty: Blessing owners with true friendship~*
Type: Headrest Baby Pillow & Huggable pillow with pocket
Size: huge (body)
Color: Warm Beige, Black, Red, Peach, Yellow, Pink and a touch of glitter with White base
Status: Adopted ^ . ^


araleling said...

I like this kitty cloth :D So nice and adorable :)

megan said...

That fabric is adorable!

I really like your story as well.

Jun Yue said...

thanks~ ^ . ^