Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Sweet Lullaby

Lullaby is waiting for her mummy to sing her to sleep.
She climbs around not wanting to sleep,
just waiting for her familiar tune to be sung by her mummy.
Yawning and rubbing her eyes, she waits for her mummy to sing to her.
Then a tune broke the silence and she hears her lullaby.
Listening to the soft melodic tune, Lullaby slowly shut her lids and sleep.
Last month when BeaniPet turns 1, I made some resolution...
& one of it is to make something for myself every month.
I fell in love with Lullaby straight after her pocket was completed.
& although the pillow is still just pieces of cloth, I already named her.
This cloth is very unique cos the cloth have different designs printed on it
& each design only got 1 on the cloth...
So there's never going to be another choo choo train made from that cloth~
Love my new Lullaby so so much~*
Name: Lullaby Bunny
D.O.B: 11th November 2009
Hobbies: Listening to her mummy sing her favourite lullaby~*
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket and accessory
Size: 17” x 10.5” (body)
Color: Blue, Red, Vintage Grey, Baby Pink and a touch of Yellow, Green and Brown with Cream White base
Status: Adopted by Jun~*
*Welcome to the family~*

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