Monday, November 9, 2009

Pipit Bazaar BeaniPet & Luvining

^ . ^ I had loads and loads of fun @ the Bazaar~
Thank you everyone who came to say HIE!!!
Special thanks to those who adopted pillows from me too!!!
Hope you like them~*
This is the before:
This is the after:
I really love our concept and setup~*
I've got 9 pillows here + 1 of my own baby
Brought her along to say hello~~!
^ . ^
oo~ N i love our apron~*
1 love to put namecards, the other love to put money ^ . ^
This is when most of my Beanies have already been adopted~
Only left 2 beanies at home now~*
Thank U note:
Thank U Ning from Luvining for being my partner~
2 waters are always better then 1 right ^ . ^
Thank U Chee Kuan for being our photographer & a gentleman
fetch ning here, carry things up for us, buy lunch for us, buy water for us~*
Thank U Jin for tagging along
funny friend
Thank U Bear for being my man
I know I can be terrible when I'm busy~ always love U


Agnes Sim said...

hey..i love ur booth so much! ;-) nice concept.

Jun Yue said...

Thanks agnes ^ . ^

My Closet etc... said...

Waoh! Your booth is really warm and cosy! Too bad I could not make it for this!!!! What a waste... :(


Jun Yue said...

Hi Patience!
Yah i was waiting for a person to come up to me and say Hey, it's me Patience ^. ^
Nvm maybe next round!

My Closet etc... said...

It was a waste that I couldn't make it... I think i will go crazy when visit your booth!! Such a lovely setting and you purposely did the "fencing"!! :D
Share more photos of the event day can??

Btw, is the Owl still available? What is the price like?

Jun Yue said...

hahaha yah that day really a lot of people!!
XD yah i did loads of preparations for this bazaar~*
Making fences, bags, apron, banner n all @ . @ haha but very satisfying!!

The owl is 45 usd and already adopted ^ . ^

BB said...

pass by...

i like ur concept of ur booth so much~ u are really have a great talent in ur art work...jia you

Jun Yue said...

Thank U for your kind comments~*
I'll Jia You!!