Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Fairy Bunny is making a wish~
She wishes that her fairyland would stay warm and cosy during this winter.
Knowing that snow will covers her fairy garden and lake, she prays that all plants and animal stay safe during the season.
She knows when spring comes plants will blossom beautifully and animals will sing their songs~*
Love those fabric and ribbons!
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Mistletoe Bunny runs around to surprise her bunny friends!
“Surprise!” said Mistletoe, “Now you two have to kiss!!!” she giggles.
She’s making the holiday season much more fun when mistletoe comes by you with a surprise.
Knowing that she’ll make loads of bunnies blush and maybe fall in love, Mistletoe is determine to continue playing this game of hers~*
Love this combination~*
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Agnes Sim said...

wow..very nice combination!! ;-)

Jun Yue said...

Thanks agnes!