Friday, November 27, 2009

Vintage Daisy Bunny

Vintage Daisy is sitting on her couch watching the snow falls from the sky.
Looking out her window, she snuggles into her blanket and took a sip of her hot coco.
Snow falls from the sky covering her land with white blanket.
Silent yet peaceful, this is what she loves about Christmas~*
Love the new cloth~*
Very Japanese~ ^ . ^
Adopt her here~*
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Syuhada said...

My friend love this pillow so much. I am happy she loves it. Thanks Jun for your lovely bunny pillow you made. You make people happy :)

Syuhada (your customer).

Syuhada said...

Forgot to leave my friend blogpost url (if u want to read her blogpost):

Jun Yue said...

XD I'm happy when you are happy!
Thanks for the support and love!!!