Monday, December 28, 2009

Growing Your Own Roots

Needless to say, this message is for you copycats out there.
Don't call yourself designers when you don't have your own creative roots.
You did not create from your heart but by merely copying me.
I don't need your apology because I feel sad for you.
For when it comes to creating my Beanies, I put in my heart and soul.
And your replication is just a soulless item from what I've seen and heard.
I'll continue to grow from my own roots and be strong for my Beanies and myself.

For you,
If you still want to be a designer...
Then you should read this:
Pinkaland - Getting out of the Box 1
Pinkaland - Getting out of the Box 2
Thank You for finding my Beanies inspiring.
Inspiration can lead anyone to their dreams and goals,
Only if you believe and put your heart into your work.


tako aka evangelione said...

Thank you for sharing the articles and your thoughts, it is very inspiring and a reminder to me as well, keep it up and as what had mentioned in the article said "copy cats don;t last long."

admire your spirit :)

Jun Yue said...

Tako YOU are an inspiration to me too!!! You've shared a lot with me and Thank You for all your support! Let's work hard together!!!


Chierr said...

Good!! I support u!!!

Jun Yue said...

Thanks Chierr~~~*
I support & respect all of us who have our own creative roots!

Ireen said...

thanks for sharing this useful article, jus like tako said, i will kept nodding my head when i reading it as i really do.

Jun Yue said...

Hey Ireen~!
Yes!!! we just need to stay true to ourselves and focus!
Gambatte together!!!!!!!!!

O C said...

Hmmm... makes me wonder when I'll be able to really create my own original art and stop copying stuff from references in college. XD

Lau she, you rock! ^^

Jun Yue said...

Hey there~ Thanks for dropping by!
Dun worry bout copying now. Coz you are learning! I'll call it as studying. But after you graduate and start searching for your own style/path. Then that's the challenging part & it's a fun and exciting trip!
So don't worry just take your time!

Thanks for all the supports!!!!