Friday, December 18, 2009

More stretchable for U

I should be:
Enjoying my tea with ice-cream pancake at a cold cold place right now~*
Mmm yummy~* Posting this in advance so I may fully enjoy my holiday ^ . ^
More Stretchable Beauty
Suits the Christmas Season~*
Cute Little Apple~ Now this is something I wanna bite!
Love the fabric and it's golden prints~!
Mini Daisy:
Classy and Vintage~ Perfect for you!
And I believe this colour suits your dressing ^ . ^
Very cute little flower prints~*
Canvas Fabric so this is a tough one~Just like a doggie~!
Polka Dots to bring out the playfulness! ^ . ^
Woolf woolf! Hope you like it!
All the above scrunchies are all sold.
Have a wonderful holiday and see you on Monday!


cabin + cub said...

So cute! You have such a cute blog!

✿nienie✿ said...

so sweet~~

Jun Yue said...

Thanks Thanks!!