Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pinky Love Letter Bunny

I'm starting on my Valentine Beanies^ . ^
Introducing Love Letter Collections~*
I wanted this Valentine to be more special~
You are not just giving a Beanie
But also a love letter that's sealed in the envelop~*
I personally love my new concept~*
My letter to Bearbear XD
Wrote with my left hand haha
Too adorable to not love her
Have a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a surprising New Year~!
Valentine Beanies are like Christmas Beanies~
Limited only during that season~
To see more please click the pictures / here!
To purchase via Maybank please click here for the steps.
ps: 1 more Beanie coming tonight~ stay tune!


Agnes Sim said... cute..i want hug hug!! :p

killua said...

she's really cute!! love the letter concept! =D and the cute adorable heart piece at the center. gives it just the right touch~! <3<3<3 triple hearts~~ XD

Jun Yue said...

XD Yup she's super cute~* Love her~~~ wuu~~~ wan sek sek from my bear~~~ Bunny faster go hop to b!!!