Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweetie Pie~*

Sweetie loves to bake pie~
She can bake all sorts of sweetie pies that taste great with ice cream!
Like apple cinnamon pie goes well with cream cheese ice cream and
blueberry pie is perfect with macadamia nut ice cream.
Sweetie Bunny just can think of all sort of pies with ice cream combination~
Such a Sweetie Delight!
Love her pinkness and sweetness~!
Love the ribbon~*
I really love sewing bunnies~* mainly coz of the ears^ . ^
Adopt her here!
Purchase via Maybank


araleling said...

She looks like wearing a belt around her waist :D So pretty and classy

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ yah~ that's the idea~~ Like our fashion nowadays~ ^. ^

dizzee said...

Sweetie pie is just too cute! Definitely a sweetie pie. Love it! :)

Jun Yue said...

Thanks Dizzee~* I love her too ^ . ^