Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Cookie Bearies

Love Cookie Baking Story:
Mr. Love: Hey there! I’ve baked you a heart shaped cookie!
Ms. Love: Oooo~ I want 1 more!
Mr. Love: What for? Isn’t One enough?
Ms. Love: Just go bake it! Please~ And I’ll go make something too ^ . ^
Mr. Love: Alright…
*After an hour*
Mr. Love: Here’s the 2nd cookie!
Ms. Love: Here, give them to me~ I’ve made red frosting to decorate these cookies XD
Mr. Love: OOOOoooo… Now they are Red Love Cookie!
Ms. Love: Now we both have each other’s heart! Cool eh~
Mr. Love: Very Cool! I love you ^ . ^
Ms. Love: I know~*
1st Heart Love Love Pocket Beanies~*
Choco + Beanie = Super Duper Love!
Embroidery Nose~*
Kiss Kiss
Hug Hug
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