Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love Letter Bearie

BoyBearie: Hey there!
GirlBearie: Hello~*
BoyBearie: I have a gift for you… It’s a letter from me…
GirlBearie: Oh… I have something for you too! It’s in my envelop ^ . ^
BoyBearie: Cool. DO you want to exchange it together?
GirlBearie: Tee-Hee~ Sure!BoyBearie’s love letter says, “I love you” and GirlBearie’s love letter writes, “Me too”
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Note: Couple Beanies are always adopted together never separated.


araleling said...

Ahhhh!! Couple Beanies are so cute!! So adorable.. some more can hold messages..

Jun Yue said...

haha yup!

Agnes Sim said...

cute n creative!! :p

ChelleZ~* said...

Awww, awww, awww! =)

Jun Yue said...

hanks for dropping by! hehe yep they are cute!