Friday, January 8, 2010

Miss Bunny in English Checkered

Stylish English Checkered skirt is just perfect for Miss Bunny!
Her passion is fashion and you’ll always be surprise on what she’ll wear next.
Today she’s going English with a maroon checkered skirt
with a stylish belt and brown flowered pattern stockings!
She’ll make heads turn as she walks down any streets!
Darn cute bunny with Skirt! She's my 1st!
Her skirt isn't easy to do cos of the pleats, plus the cloth is imported!
^ . ^ I've always love checkered skirts~ It's not easy to sew but enjoyable!
Love the stocking concept! Inspired by loads of movie and fashion mag
Adopt her here~
To purchase via Maybank please click here for the steps.
I love fashion!


Agnes Sim said...

i love this concept..;-) bunny is so cute with the lovely skirt.

liyana said...

cute nyer... jun, pelanggan setia xde less ke?? ehehe

Jun Yue said...

Agnes~ XD I love her too~*

XD liyana~!! email me!!! mesti ada ^ . ^

Lijun aka June said...

so cool!

Jun Yue said...

Thanks June!!!

ChelleZ~* said...

She's in a kilt!! So adorable!! She could be "My Sweet Lullaby's" partner!! Awww, so sweet!! =)

Jun Yue said...

XD Michelle!!!

alhafiz said...

wow! i like this...very stylo...!