Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Bunny shoo away your Blues

Rainy days and Mondays always get you down,
but Monday Bunny will always find ways to cheer your day up!
She knows how sometimes when rainy day approaches,
you want to feel cozy and warm, so she hugs you.
And at times on Monday you just don’t want to wake up,
she’ll put a smile on you just by seeing her.
Monday Bunny is a gifted bunny guaranty to make your day perfect!
She's a cute moody one with attitude!
She never fails to look good although it's Monday...
Broach anyone?
Droopy ears sounds like: "Plip ~ Plop"


araleling said...

New style of ears ^_^ adorable as usual, i like this cloth pattern =)

killua said...

nothing like an adorable bunny to cheer up the monday blues~ =D me loves this~ <3<3<3

say, are they're ears playable? =3

Sam Trieu said...

Thank you for the gorgeous colors and images. Every single one of your pictures I could use as a wallpaper. They're so charming.

Jun Yue said...

Thanks araleling for the supports! yup I love the fabric too^ . ^

Clarissa the ears are playable like I say it flops! ^ . ^

Jun Yue said...

Thanks for dropping by Sam Trieu!
Thanks for the compliment too ^ . ^