Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Heart Love Letter Bunny

Red Heart Love Letter Bunny quietly goes her owner’s bed
and listens to her thoughts…
Red Heart Bunny believes that when humans are sleeping,
their subconscious mind will take over and usually they’ll start telling their secrets.
She thinks that what ever said is usually 99.99% true!
“I want to pen down all my mummy’s wants and needs… Then I’ll make sure daddy fufill my checklist!”
She’s a bunny that will surely make your dream come true~*
I wonder what's the love letter this time...
Let's open the pocket and check it out~
What do you want?
Waa... It's quite a long list there ^ . ^
I want you to want me!
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araleling said...

Wah, this beanipet is very unique, got a letter on the body~~ So pinky and cute :D

Agnes Sim said...

I want you too!! hehe...Happy valentine. ;-)