Monday, January 4, 2010

Rosy Bun

Rosy Bunny loves to hop around the garden looking for things to decorate her home.
She loves to collect flowers, butterflies and ladybugs, then place them in the living room and make the room be like a garden.
When she bounce, her droopy ears flops up and down, making her look even more adorable!
Say Hello to my New Bunnie! With floppy ears!!!
Very adorable ribbon to match with her character!
The ears will flop as she bounce!
Love her fabric!
Click on her to see more or Adopt her here!
To purchase via Maybank please click here for the steps.
1 More Droopy Ears Bunny tonight~*
More Valentine Couple pillows coming soon!


Agnes Sim said... i come... :p

Jun Yue said...

haha yup!! finally horXD