Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Heart Pin Giveaway

It's time for January's Giveaway
And this month I'm giving out 5 Heart Pin ^ . ^
They can be used as a Hair Pin or even a Bookmark
Fluffy Hearts just in time for Valentine!
Post your "Comment" now to stand a chance to win them!
Comment theme: "Love is in the air with BeaniPet!"
***Please include your email so it's easier for me to contact you once you've won!***
Closing date: 27th Jan . 12noon


Kathlyn said...

May my Valentine's Day fill with extra love & romantic moment with a gift of BeaniPet's Valentine Heart Pin <3

k e t t y said...

Valentine's day is coming so near ! and i hope to wear this heart pin when having date with my darling. For sure he will notice that cute heart pin.
I love it !!

Nano's said...

Love is in the air with BeaniPet!
Love is in the sea with BeaniPet!
Love is in the earth with BeaniPet!

the'messenger said...

So cuteeeeeeeeee! :D

kukubiRd said...

i like the theme *~♥Loveis in the air♥~* full of love around so sweet


Little Waltz said...

Those heart pins are absolutely adorable! Perfect for a gift to any blushing girlfriend this vday I reckon.

petite.valse (at)

Val said...

These heart pins are a sure win. Very pretty.

PinkyLicious said...

I will be celabrate the 6th valentine with my dear nelson , looking at the Valentine heart pin make me feel alot of love around me~!
Valentine is not just by celebrating with ur boyfriend or girlfriend, you should celebrate with friends and families too, spread the love from BeaniPet, owning a BeaniPet we will felt loved.
I'm Wishing Everyone Happy Valentine Days. Everyday could be Valentine Days when we are with our Love Ones.

araleling said...

BeaniPet offers the warmest, loveliest and cutest hug ever to everyone. Love the romantic and sweet BeaniPet

Irwin said...

With BeaniPet, I would be able to share the same love & passion among the BeaniPet fans. When destined rightful BeaniPet fans return my Valentine Heart Pin to me, I would finally found my true love in this coming Valentine’s Day.

~Happy Valentine’s Day~

ashley c said...

prolly its too late for me but i just leave a comment just in case hahaha ;)

Tammie said...

With heart pins as cute as these, we can look forward to a sweeter and romantic valentine! :)

fujoshime said...

love is in the air with beanipet which make this valentine much sweeter..

ilif said...

omg super cute! I like how the love shape is a lil bit different from the normal shape <:

KeithChee said...

cutie pins!!!! hope i got luck~~~~~!!! pick me pick me!!!

lisha said...

We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other one belongs to BeaniPet's Fluffy Hearts ! ;D

*Ah Bii* said...

Oh these are absolutely lovely!!!! I hope I'm lucky enough to own one! ^_^

- Ashley - said...

omg~ so cute!!! u make great hair accessories^^

Pinky said...

Love can be a joy,
Love can be hurtful,
Love can be heaven's on earth,
And love can never die...
Just like the love I have for BeaniPet!

B = Beautiful
e = ecstasy
a = avidity
n = natural
i = innovative
P = purity
e = evolutionary
t = tender love

Aryn Salleh said...

First time i look at this lovely valentine heart pin, i fall in love already! i really want to have them >.<

I've planning to share this lovely heart pin with lovely people in my life.

1) My very gud fren. She sure love to have this at her work sheet. And when she's look at this, i hope she can feel how much i really love her and want her to be with me till the rest of my life! No one can stand to me like she did...

2) My beloved niece. She's lovely, warm heart person N very good girl. she's in standard 5 rite now. and u know what, she had lovely long baby hair! so always wear hair band so i want to share this heart pin with her so she can pin she fringe hair...haha!

3) My Chibby. guinea pig...err...she's abyssinian type so maybe i can pin at her ear...haha!

The last one, yup for me...i want to clip that heart pin at my tudung because i love put cute thing at my tudung N also at my pinky notebook! kawaiii >.<

I love to share this lovely thing with people i love N i care. maybe this juz a small thing but it can spread a full of love forever and remember me always :)

Thank u Beanipet coz make love is in the air!

p/s: i post this at my blog. take a look!

my email:

Miss Cat 猫君 said...

Love is in the air of Gong Xi Fa Cai with Beanipet~

David Yeu said...

Love is in the Spring,
Love is in the Summer,
Love is in the Fall,
Love is in the Winter,
We Love BeaniPet.

labuan Valves said...

I'm in love with the cute and adorable love pins...i have exactly 4 beautiful princess..
They'e Valerie (15) Rebecca (12) Audrey (6) and Mandy (4)...
With the beautiful love pins and their favourite colors on their long hair during this 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' sure they'll look more cuter and adorable like the love pin itself...
Love for my beautiful girls..
Love for BeaniPet...
With this beautiful gifts for their CNY...I believe they'll be happy mami win for them :) a love pin given in an ang pow as 'surprise gift'for their beautiful years ahead ;)

turtle.egg91 said...

so cute :D
i hope to get one ^^

Sara said...

sooo cute!

my mail:

Joann. said...

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. Just like Beanipet pillows and lovely stuffs! They are handmade and only one in the world & it can be kept forever. A gift from Beanipet to the other person shows love <3.

cherylveenc said...

gosh they're lovely!!!!
love is in the air >;]

deb said...

*swoons...* wooh I'm already in the "Love is in the air mood!" And i'm all game and set to celebrate Valentines with BeaniPet's heart pin! Hahaha I don't mind celebrating Vday with a pin instead of a man xD I love the red one with those lil flowers!!


Arisa said...

It's amazing how you always come up with lovely ideas, Jun. These heart pins are so cute, they're bound to get their owners noticed. The colour combination and design basically defines feminine,cute, passion, romance, and sweet sweet love. It's great that the pins are versatile too. If I were to get it, I'd wear it on my first date with Prince Charming on Valentine's day and he's definitely going to notice me with the pin on. It'll be a memory keepsake, a sentimental item I'd keep forever, and it'll all be thanks to BeaniPet. Heart Pins could bind hearts together, with your help. So please send me one! Love is definitely in the air with BeaniPet!

Kathlynn said...

Love is in the air
With sheepie, bunnie and kitty
Love is in the air
For pandabear and bearbear

Love is in the air
Here, there, everywhere
Love is in the air

zai kulim said... sweet..


samenduck|samenmouse said...

love is patient love is kind
love is everywhere love is simple
With love this year a combination with valentine and chinese new year, let's love bring us back to our loves one once again.

thank you beanipet bring us to the air of LOVE:)

hehe..hope i get it this time. been waiting for it

samenduck|samenmouse said...

ooops forget my email:

o'OL kEmp. said...

"I want to spend all my days with you. Wrestling over BeaniPet!, playing in the rain. Throwing each other into pools. Fighting over the last piece of cheesecake. Killing each other over which show we’re gonna watch and then not watching it anyway. I want to make you mad and then kiss you. I want you and me. Forever. Because love is in the air"

Syuhada said...

...and he loves me more and more and more, when he saw I use this cute Fluffy Heart pin on my hair. He fall in love with me again and again and can't stop feel like we're in the air with BeaniPet!


"I love you more when you use this very cute and adorable heart pin, my sweet dear."
He whispered.

"Oh, how sweet..."


We feel like we're in the air with BeaniPet! We feel like we're in the air with BeaniPet!


Name : Syuhada
Email :

Lindsay said...

Love is BeaniPet...
BeaniPet is everwhere...
BeaniPet is love...
Love is in the air...

Yes, everyone is going to have to share in the BeaniPet love if I win these cuties, but I must horde one for my own. So sweet!!!

Sarah said...

Sweet thought xD I wish I can give 'em to my BFFs <3

peiyee said...

"Love is in the air" is what the world is telling us now but nothing beats a special handmade gift for a loved ones, that gives Valentine's Day a whole new special meaning.

LaTte Raey said...

Valentine is a special memory especially for me & raymond ( whom is right now in the ICU) really hope that he'll be awake by then...thts the best gift in my heart.

Agnes Sim said...

Once i got it, i will wear it during valentines & CNY. Want to show off this lovely hair pin with others. :p

Happy Valentine!! Beanipet, I love u!!

Agnes Sim said...

forgot to put my email:

:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

wow~♥ LoV3 Is In Th3 AiR♥ ^_^ those hairpins are so cute + adorable...I wish share them with my besties and also one for myself...


best regard,

dOlpHin said...

u cant see it
u cant touch it
u cant hear it
u cant smell it
u can feel it~

it is love
surrounding u
in the air~

Alhafiz said...

Makes with love...
Makes to be loved...
Is all about love...

Feel the hug,
Feel the touch,
Feel the love...

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
Whoever you with,
Love is in the air with Beanipet...


balqis said...

I heard that,
they said,
'love is blind'

but I dont really care,
as long it is BeaniPet's love.

coz I believe,
deep in my heart,
love is in the air with BeaniPet!

xoxo <3

DreamStudio said...

It's mine !!!!

syazwi-aljabri said...

I dreamed my prince charming gave me a most wonderful valentine gift. It was a BeaniPet pillow. I jumped over the moon and cuddle with the pillow every second. My prince charming was so jealous at the pillow. He tried to take the pillow away from me so he can play with me every second. I know he need a BeaniPet pillow too. So I asked the BeaniPet Creator to make a special Valentine BeaniPet pillow just for my prince charming. After lots of hardwork from the BeaniPet Creator , the special Valentine BeaniPet pillow was born. I set up a date with my prince charming and suprised him with the Valentine BeaniPet pillow. He was so happy. He cuddle with the pillow every second and now, no jealousy energy around us as we cuddle with our pillow every second and share the love with both of us. Love is in the air with BeaniPet.

the pins are so cute and thanks for the chance.

Cindy said...
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liyana said...

Love don't need a reason.. as for that, I just love u, beanipet for no reason.. Just because it is u d[^_^]b