Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Artist Bag for Jun

My mom says it's very "Art-ish" :) I think it suits me...
This is my BD bag which was completed on CNY eve!
A new bag for a new year~ On the 1st day of CNY everything must be new!
I like the style and fabric combination, Simple and Sophisticated
Pocket with a lace ribbon~* I put my name cards in there ^ . ^
Cloth lace~* My fav!
Heart pocket~*
I love the meaning and description behind the "Perfect Blend"
I've already decided what I will do with the fabric when I saw it online :)
Inside more pockets! Pocket for lip gloss and other mini bottles like "fung yau"
and pocket for pen and plasters...
then zip round bottom pocket for my personal stuff
and a HUGE space for my purse, tissue, hand phone and a recycle bag.
The handle is tough and solid this time:) Just nice for a big bag
The base is also solid this time! Perfect for me to throw everything into the bag.
Now I've got a big bag for me to run around,
throw everything nice into it and explore the world!


okinokiyo said...

the fabric - blue & pink fabric are great combination!and i like that metal zipper is it??
its so cutee!

Jun Yue said...

it is antique bronze zip ^ . ^

Creative B Bee said...

Very very nice bag!!!

Jun Yue said...

Thank U!

Agnes Sim said...

aiyoyo..i love it so much le!!! so geng!!

Jun Yue said...

XD Thank U Thank U~
I love it loads too ^ . ^

Joan said...

this is so nice......

ChelleZ~* said...

Please make some for sale!! Please??

Jun Yue said...

Thx Joan~!

Chelle!! erm hehe I dun make bags for sale~ Love making pillows much more ^ . ^