Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rain and Sun Bunnies

Some days:
Rain: Moody Monday… So blue… So cold… So down…
Sun: Shine, Smile, Warm Hug & Kisses!
Rain: *Smile* Thank you Sun for always cheering me up when I need it…
Sun: Of course! I’ll always be your sunny, sunshine Sun.
Other days:
Sun: ARGH!!! WHY this always happens to me!!!
Rain: Calm down, Chill out, Cool breeze, Cuddle & Kisses!
Sun: MMmm~ I feel so much better… Thank you Rain!
Rain: I’m perfect for you hot headed Sun.
Sun: *Giggle* Yup! I’m perfect for you too Rain.
Cloud and Sun pockets~*
Hanging rain drops ^ . ^
Sunny Sunshine Sun~*
Yin and Yang
They remind me of bearbear & pandabear ^ . ^
My Rain & My Sun
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LaTte Raey said...

so sweet =)

megan said...

Those are adorable! A very cute couple indeed.

I wrote about the scrunchie I bought from you here on my blog: http://thestrawberrycorner.blogspot.com/2010/01/beanipet.html

I really love it~

Jun Yue said...

Thanks for dropping by Megan! Love the post and thank you for the compliments and promotions!

Thanks Latte Raey!

araleling said...

wah, they are getting adorable day by day :D

killua said...

wow love the new concept!! seeing all these inspirational ideas.. no wonder i cannot resist myself from visiting your blog everyday! XD

Jun Yue said...

Thanks Thanks!!!