Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rosie Bun

Hey there, my name is Rosaline Bunny but you can call me Rosie Bun.
I’m the princess of roses and I’m learning how to manage the rose kingdom.
My daddy says that caring for a kingdom is the same as caring for a single rose bud.
With much love and care, the rose bud will blossom to a beautiful rose.
But if with force and carelessness, the rose bud will be torn and it’s just like pealing the petals to form a rose.
So I’ll do my best to be a caring, loving and rosie Rose Princess!
Love her so much!!!
New expensive fabric~ But I just love it so much!
It's a rough texture fabric but it's just perfect for a raw and natural pillow!
Stand up ears!
Rosie Nose~*
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