Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Announcement: March Lucky Draw Contest

Congratulations to:
Tan Ai Ginn
You are BeaniPet's March Lucky Draw Contest WINNER!
Your are now the proud owner of Mini Cream Bun!
She's very excited to meet you!
This is what can you do with a Mini Beanie:
- Hang at your window
- Hang on your lamp
- Hang at your computer
- Hang on your bag
- Hang on a standing calender
- Hang over a vase
- Lay her on her tummy and use her as a hand rest when using mouse
- Use her tummy to wipe your monitor screen
- Loads more you can do ^ . ^ just be creative with her!
I hope you love her!
Thank you everyone who participated!
If you didn't win this time no worries!!
Next month is coming, so stay tune to the next Lucky Draw~!
Thank you again and have a wonderful week!!!


:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

wow...that people so lucky...gratz...

Jun Yue said...

yah ^ . ^