Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artist Creating an Awareness

I love creating my Beanies just because I love it.
Reasons are not needed when it comes to passion.
I feel complete when I get to indulge in this hobby of mine.

But if our work is being exploited
and from a very special one in the world design
turns into multi-million factory production products

What should we do?

I say:
One independent artist is just One Voice
but a Group of independent artists, we make a Symphony.

We stand as One and Unite against all odds.

Let's stand together and support indie artist!
Support Dura, who's work is being exploited by Forever 21.


Lavennz OSY said...

hate of copycats....especially big cat! but how to show the support? re-post it on our blog?

Jun Yue said...

Sure we all must create the awareness n let ppl know! N if you support Dura don't go buy the tshirt from forever 21!

- Ashley - said...

Got this from a friend... that F21 has been a stealer for quite some time. I don't have account to post at the forum. Maybe you could show this to Dura too~