Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cherie Bun

Hopping and bouncing in and out of the bushes,
trying to find more berries and cherries to collect.
Cherie is planning to bake cherries and berries cupcake for supper.
On top of the cupcakes, Cherie is going to spread some
vanilla frosting and sprinkle some pink sugar as a finishing touch. Yummy!!!
She's a huggable bolster and she keeps your tummy warm!
She reminds me of cupcake with vanilla icing/frosting..
Lovely cotton cloth lace with an apple wooden button
Fluffy ears with ribbons!
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Agnes Sim said...

wow..cute cherrie bun, next time come out 1 series of bun, like chocolate bun, banana bun, cappucino bun...haha

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ yaya got one chocolate coming soon XD

By Kiya。吉雅 said...

hahaha , agnes .....
even i already bought the pillow , but when saw the new item stil think to hv it ! Junyue ..u are so bad !

Jun Yue said...

hahaha KIYA you so cute! haha yaya I know how it feels like~ i also super love shopping!!! XD

killua said...

haha!! love that apple button! lols! where you find all these goodies? xD

Jun Yue said...

I found it in a sewing shop in Petaling Street call Dexon ^. ^