Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini Cream Bun & Mini PandaBear

Hey there peeps!
I would like you to meet
Mini Cream Bun & Mini PandaBear!
They are Mini Beanies that is soft and squishy.
Hands and Legs filled with Beads to make them heavy.
Hey there! I'm Mini Cream Bun. My favorite hobby is to chase after butterflies!
I may be mini, but I sure can run, bounce and hop like a super bunny!
Nice to meet you and don't you think my ribbon is cute? :)
There isn't any butterflies around...
I guess I'll be resting and lazing around for now...
Ni Hao! Hello~ I just greeted you in Mandarin ^ . ^
I'm Mini PandaBear and my mummy is teaching me mandarin!
I may look mini but trust me when I say I can eat!!!
I love food~ so does my mummy ^ . ^
Waiting for mummy to finish sun bathing me~
Then we'll go cook lunch together! I'm hungry :)
I made her for myself ^ . ^
What can you do with a Mini Beanie:
I think bringing Beanies out is a way to show your love~*
I'm sure they love hanging out with you too :)
Stay tune for more updates on a Contest
to stand a chance to win and adopt:
Mini Cream Bun.


Agnes Sim said...

haha...i want to take part!! :p

araleling said...

so cute :D

liyana said...

sayang~~~ i mahu mini panda bear so badly.. sampai mimpi-mimpi T_T

tqa said...

haishh super nice and soooo adorable :)

- Ashley - said...

this is so nice!! great new design^^

yeelu said...

very nice and great design!! Love them

Lavender said...

super cute XD

Lijun aka June said...

can't wait for the contest :D