Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pink Easter Bunny

Hi there! I’m Easter Bun and I love apples!
My mummy asks me to hold on to my eggshell so
that I may participate in the annual Easter eggshell contest.
It’ll be held at the Bunny forest and I can’t wait to
show them my eggshell!
I hope that pink suits the spring spirit…
I hope I win too coz the winner gets loads and loads of chocolate eggs.
I love to eat chocolate eggs!!
New Cotton Lace
Apple fabric! Love it and it's finished!
Final Pillow using apple fabric~*
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:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

oh my god~~ SO CUTE~~~ >_< <3 <3 pink pink ^_^

Jun Yue said...

Yup So pink!