Monday, March 15, 2010


“One, Two, Three, Four, Five…
Oh you all must STOP running, bouncing and hopping around.
I need to count all of you before we play hide and seek!” says SheepSheep.
“Now all of you stand still and I’m going to start counting again.
And this time no laughing! I can’t help it that my arms are cute when I stand…”
*Squint eyes at bunnies*“One, Two, Three…” SheepSheep count.
It's like she's asking for a hug! Cute little hands
Squinting eyes looking and counting for bunnies
Bunny fabric with retro polka dots hands and legs
A lace to complete it.
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Agnes Sim said...

yaya...the hand is so cute neh!!! :P

O C said...

Wah, lou si, damn kawaii wor!! 8D