Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pak Tau Dou Lou

Dou Dou: Pak Pak Where R U?
*Search high and low, search up and down*
Dou Dou: Pak Pak!!! I want seksek!!!
*Running, jumping and swinging from tree to tree*
Pak Pak: Dou Dou I’m here!
*Kiss kiss and sek sek Dou Dou*
Dou Dou: Wow… Pak Pak you look very handsome in your groom shirt!
Pak Pak: You look very beautiful too Dou Dou! I love your wedding dress with the flower! *muaks*
Dou Dou: Oki oki It’s time to go Pai Tong already!! hehe I’m so excited!
Pak Pak: haha you are so cute Dou Dou~ I Love U!
Dou Dou: I Do too~*
To Lisa and Ryan:
Maythe two of you grow old together
I wish you two "Pak Tau Dou Lou"
This is Dou Dou looking for Pak Pak
^ . ^ She's really cute!
And this is Pak Pak answering Dou Dou
They are a Chinese Wedding theme Couple Pillow
"Pak Tau Dou Lou" means growing old together
and the direct translation is "White Hair Till Old"
Chinese buttons with beads for the Dou Dou
and manly Chinese man buttons for Pak Pak
I love the fabric combination. Plus they are really very red!
Chinese wedding we love loads of Red hues!
Dou Dou's flower~*
My 1st time using pearls~ Really fun sewing her flower
Cutie Monkey ears
Cutie Monkey legs
I wish you both have a wonderful wedding and a great marriage!

Name: Pak Tau Dou Lou Monkies
D.O.B: 13th April 2010
Speciality: Blessing couples “Pak Tau Dou Lou”
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket and accessory.
Size: 14.5” x 13” (body) + 2” (leg) + 4.5” - 3.5” (ears)
Color: Red, Warm Peach, Olive Yellowish Brown, Light Brown, Cream, White, Brown, Dark Brown, Off White with Cream White base.
Status: Adopted ^ . ^


Kang Wei Xie said...

I love your design, although in my eyes, Pak Pak is dead(左衽).

Jun Yue said...

^ . ^ Maybe it's the angle of the shot. Thanks for dropping by!