Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Bunnies

Spring is a time where new life begins and it’s a new journey for young bunnies.

Spring Girl: Hey hey! I see it, I see it!! Follow me~*
*Hopping, Bouncing, Chasing*
Spring Boy: Spring Girl! Can we slow down now… I’m almost breathless…
Spring Girl: Where did it go? Oh man… We’ve lost it… Spring Boy come PLEASE!
Spring Boy: Here I am! OUCH!
*Spring Girl jumps and stood tall on Spring Boy’s head*
Spring Girl: Oh oh look! I see a field of dragonflies! We are going to go there! Gogo!
Spring Boy: You are heavy!
Spring Girl: WEEEeeeee~~~* I’m Flying!
Spring Boy: Sweat!

And so they hop around the dragonflies field till sunset and when the stars appears, they both held hands to make a wish. Wishing that they both can be Spring Fairy Bunnies that can fly!

Cuties ready to warm your tummies~*
Love their red red hearts~*
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