Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Scrunchie

Lady like yellow scrunchie filled with ribbons!
I really do love this fabric~*
ladylike and feminine
such comfort colours
Status: Sold ^ . ^


喜欢手作的朋友· said...

the yellow ribbon scrunchie can remake? the victorian black and white still available?How much for 1?

O C said...

I'm not too sure if Jun Mei can help you remake since she already has a pledge to make thigns that are only 1 in the world XD But I guess you can try asking her to make a custom one for you if you'd like. Just choose the fabric and your specifications and how you'd like it to be. I'm sure she wouldn't mind taking on your order if it's reasonable ^^

But well, it's all up to her so.. haha. Cheers =)

Jun Yue said...

yellow scrunchie already sold so is Victorian B&W.

As OC said, I don't remake any of my item :) if you want customized you may drop me an email:

But there will be few more new scrunchies coming soon :)

喜欢手作的朋友· said...

how much for 1?

Jun Yue said...

all different pricing:)
I still got available scrunchies at my shop:

Steps to purchase:

Price ranges from RM 20 - RM 30 excluding postage